Machine Inspired Art

MIA | Machine Inspired Art
530 South Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
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Technology can be defined as the application of practical and scientific knowledge to a specific purpose. It is the sum of the ways in which social groups provide themselves with the material objects of their civilization. As such there are few, if any components of social life that are unaffected by the influences and advancement of technology. “Art” and the creative process is no exception to that rule. The very means and tools applied toward the creative process are often shaped by technology to a great degree, whether directly or indirectly. The aim of the MIA studio and gallery is to explore and showcase the role and application of technology, in specific computational technology, within the creative process. In this context art is not defined as a product, but rather an intention. Here the word art is not a noun but rather a verb. Here art is seen as a process rather than a product.