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939 Maple Ave. #200
Los Angeles, CA 90015
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Think Tank Gallery began as Think Tank Collective back in June of 2010, when four of their five founding members left the Brewery art colony to begin sculpting out their dream vision of what an artistic space could be. They came upon the 7,500 sq. ft. space of a former fabric storage company, floating right above the bustling and historic fashion district of Los Angeles. With no electricity, no hot water, and living in tents, they started tearing down the yellowed walls and replacing them with pristine gallery-aesthetic new ones – with no idea where they were headed.

After two months and a humble Craigslist post, there was a ragtag group of seven artists. They started throwing small art events for LA Art Walk, begging art fans to wander off the beaten path of Gallery Row to their shadier part of town. After their neighbors were evicted, Think Tank found themselves occupying the entire second floor with three weeks to build ten more workspaces. With help from friends and collective members, they pulled it off, and even had the chance to tear apart a Bobs Big Boy and install a genuine 1950s diner as a conference room and second kitchen.

The collective is interested in using their unique and immersive space to influence their work, and while this comes naturally to the now-20 artists who work within the space, the focus is even heavier when presenting larger and further-reaching art shows. Everything from group shows to fashion shows to musical performances have all defined the space, each event adding another layer to our canvas. Since its inception, Think Tank has welcomed sponsors like Vitamin Water and Leica who help to build on their foundation to put on must-see events and exhibitions. Art shows have been large and varied, but each takes advantage of the physical location with site-specific sculpture and setup; diving headfirst into the integrated, urban, and all around amazing aura felt inside of the Think Tank Gallery.



Posted: March 3, 2017


Category: Galleries, Gallery Row

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